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Out-of-State Cardholders

New proposed regulations in the future may render patients holding RI or MA Licenses/ID’s with a CA MMJ Card unacceptable in RI Compassion Centers.

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We’re here to help. Check out our FAQ to learn about Rhode Island medical marijuana.
  • How Do I Get A License?
  • Is it Legal?
  • Do All Products Make You High?
  • How do I Renew my RI Medical Card?
  • What is the difference between Indica & Sativa?
  • Is it Legal?
  • Do All Products Make You High?
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The Greenleaf Mission

Greenleaf believes in providing safe, high-quality medicinal marijuana to Rhode Islanders as well as out of state medical cardholders. As one of the first (and certainly one of the best) dispensaries on the East Coast, products only make it on our shelves if they’re the best. 

Greenleaf prioritizes strains that demonstrate medicinal properties, but we do more than that. Our team’s positivity and hard work translate into better flower and better healing. We also have the kindest, knowledgeable budtenders to help you figure a well-rounded regimen for your particular needs.

About Greenleaf

The latest in medical marijuana in Rhode Island and around the country



In the modern age of medical marijuana, most of the conversation tends to be around the active ingredients THC and CBD. At some point, you've likely learned that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. However, CBD…
Medical Card

How to Get Your Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card

Thanks to the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Act, qualifying patients are able to alleviate medical symptoms with cannabis. However, since cannabis isn’t legal on a recreational level in Rhode Island yet, people interested in cannabis for medical purposes will need…

Cannabis-Infused Edibles 101: What to Know About Dosing, Potency, and Labeling (Leafly)

Many of us new to cannabis-infused foods (also known as “edibles”) fall victim to the same mistake: we eat too much. Edibles are a great choice when consumed responsibly; they’re potent and body-focused, meaning they’re perfect for people who suffer from pain,…
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