What are Greenleaf’s Hours?

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Wednesday 10am – 6pm

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 7pm

May I come to your dispensary with a Massachusetts or out of state medical marijuana card?

Yes!  By the Department of Health Standards, Rhode Island can now accept out of state medical marijuana patients. Rhode Island currently has full reciprocity with each state within the United States. Please bring an up-to-date form of identification. This includes a Passport, State license, or State Issued Identification Card as well as your medical marijuana card. Expired forms of identification cannot be accepted, even if Medical Marijuana Patient card/document is valid and up-to-date. If you qualify as a Veteran, please bring the appropriate documentation to qualify for a 10% Out of State Veteran discount.

What is your policy regarding medical marijuana patients under the age of eighteen?

Rhode Island

A Rhode Island MMJ patient under the age of eighteen may come into the facility if and only if they are accompanied by their legal guardian who has obtained his or her official Rhode Island MMJ Caregiver or MMJ Authorized Purchaser cards. A patient under the age of eighteen cannot approach, stand, or make a purchase at the medicinal stations independently. The patient’s RI MMJ Caregiver or RI MMJ Authorized Purchaser is permitted to purchase and handle the medicine thereon after on behalf of the patient.

Out of State

Per Rhode Island Department of Health and current state regulations, Greenleaf is unable to accept authorized MMJ Caregivers for Out of State patients, thus making us unable to provide medicine to the respective underage patient.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Greenleaf accepts cash, debit, CanPay and DutchiePay. There are two ATMs inside the facility for your convenience.

CanPay is a free, mobile debiting system. All you need is your license/ID and a checking account! Visit www.canpaydebit.com for fast and easy sign up or HERE for more info.

Curbside: We accept CanPay, DutchiePay, and debit. No cash  may be handled at the vehicles.
Delivery: We accept CanPay, DutchiePay, debit, and RI Resident Checks only. No cash may be handled for deliveries.

May I bring a guest with me?

Yes, please do!!! As long as the guest is 21+ with valid ID. Also, patients with valid medical marijuana cards and RI MMP Caregivers/Authorized Purhasers are permitted inside the building. Any questions or concerns you have regarding which medicine to purchase can be discussed with our budtenders. Patients needing assistance due to mobility or communication issues are allowed to have a caretaker accompany them after signing in with Security. Unfortunately, a medical caregiver is not the same as an RI MMP Caregiver/Authorized Purchaser who has obtained their card and access through Rhode Island’s Department of Health.

Does Greenleaf deliver?

Greenleaf Currently delivers to ALL RI MMP Patients 7 days a week 11a.m.-4p.m. You must be an RI MMP cardholder and the delivery order must be made online through our Online Menu.

Who?: RI MMP cardholders
Where?: RI Residence
When?: Order Up to Four Days Ahead!
Same Day all over RI = Order by 10:45am
Minimum Cart = $75
Delivery Charge= $10 for orders totaling under $250 and $1 for orders totaling over $250

How do I order Online?

Ordering from our Online Menu is easy! For instructions, please visit our page https://greenleafcare.org/resources/online-ordering/.

How many grams may I purchase?

Medical Patients-2.5 Ounces (70 grams) every rolling 15 days. Your grams do not return in a “reset” fashion. Within a 15-day window, you are permitted to have purchased 70 grams total, tracked by our system – overseen by the Department of Business Regulations. For more information on how to track, proceed in the FAQ list.

Recreational Costumers- 28 grams can be used daily. Grams will reset 24hrs after purchase is made.

Do your CBD products have THC in them?

Yes. All our medicinal products are strictly cannabis derived and therefore will have trace amounts of THC (5% or less). Medicinal products containing more than 5% THC are labeled accordingly as these products may affect patients differently than our usual CBD products. We also carry varying ratios, such as 1:1 containing an even amount of THC and CBD. As ratios and doses vary, please read labels on edibles carefully.

Marijuana Dosage and Equivalency Conversion for Patient Limit

“Usable Weight” is the amount taken off your 70-gram 15-Day limit, as determined by the Department of Business Regulations. Think of it this way – a dense and heavy cookie may weigh 10 grams, but 12 grams of medicinal flower were not used to create a 10mg edible cookie. Conversely, if you have a 0.5g Extract product, this product is greatly concentrated and reflects more cannabis utilized in the product than a gram of medicinal flower.

1 gram = 1 gram usable weight

10mg = 0.33 grams usable weight
30mg= 1.0 grams usable weight
50mg= 1.66 grams usable weight
100mg= 3.33 grams usable weight

Concentrates (Vapes and Extracts)
0.5g = 1.66g usable weight
1.0g = 3.33g usable weight

May I bring my pets into the center?

For safety and health reasons, we can only allowed service pets into the center.

May I bring my children into the center?

No, unless they are a medical marijuana patient. (Autism is the only current condition recognized by the Rhode Island Department of Health for underage medical marijuana patients.)

What discounts would I be eligible for?

RI Patients:
Greenleaf offers a 10% discount for RI patients who qualify for SSI, SSDI, EBT or Veteran Status .

Out of State Patients:
Greenleaf offers 10% off for Veterans. Please bring proper documentation.

Industry Workers:
Greenleaf offers a 10% discount for MA and RI cannabis industry workers. Documentation must be provided.

Do I get any discounts for my birthday?

Yes! On your birthday, you will receive a standard 1g G.L. Pre-Roll of your choice for only $1!

Does Greenleaf have an incentive program?

Greenleaf has an Ambassador Program that rewards you for your purchases and for sharing Greenleaf with others! Every dollar you spend with Greenleaf is equal to 1 point. When you accumulate 500 points, you will receive $15 store credit to use on your next purchase. If you wish, you may stack up your ambassador points over time. You may use your credit in $15 increments. Points do not expire and our system will keep track of your points for you.

Does Greenleaf sell seeds, clones, or cultivating supplies?

No. Due to the complexity of RI DBR Rules and Regulations, Greenleaf does not sell seeds, clones, or cultivating supplies.

What is the process for becoming a new patient?

There are two simple steps to becoming a patient at Greenleaf once you have obtained your medical marijuana program license.

  1. Please read and complete the form found in New Patient Registration.
  2. You must bring your medical marijuana card along with a valid and up-to-date form of identification. A caregiver cannot sign up with Greenleaf on behalf of a patient. Caregivers must sign up along with the patient before coming on a patient’s behalf.
    *Please arrive at least an hour before we close to allow for complete, initial sign-up process, and for ample time for a personalized shopping experience.
    *If you are new to medical marijuana or need assistance please call Greenleaf at (401) 293-5987 to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable budtenders. You will be given an introduction to Greenleaf, it’s services and asked to sign a letter of privacy practices as well as an informed consent letter.
    We accept appointments for new patients Monday – Thursday during our business hours.

Please take a look at our how to get your Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card Step by Step Process

Once I am in the system, do I have to bring my medical marijuana card with me?

You must bring your card with you every visit. Even if our staff gets to know you and recognizes you by name, you must show your card at the door and to the budtender completing your order. Out of State Patients must have both their Medical Marijuana Card/Document and valid form of identification each visit to make a purchase.

What is Greenleaf’s return/exchange policy?

For the safety and health of all patients, we cannot accept any returns or offer any exchanges. We ask that you listen carefully to your Budtender when he or she repeats your order back to you and to check your purchases in your shopping bag before you exit the building.

May I special order a particular strain or edible?

We do not have a special request order form for strains but we can add you to our waitlist for any product that you want to request. If we receive that strain in, we can notify you immediately.

We do have special order forms for edibles if you wish to order a certain amount or dosage.

Where can I order tags for my plants?

Click Here for PATIENTS

Click Here for CAREGIVERS

If you have any questions regarding growing marijuana or plant tags, please send them to DBR.MMPCompliance@dbr.ri.gov

Is there a policy for abandoned Online Orders?

3 Strike No Call/ No show Policy 

Penalty: Permanent Ban from Online Ordering

As of August 26th, 2020, Greenleaf established a 3 Strike No Call/ No show Policy for online orders that are not picked up. When an order is placed, the medicine and time slot is reserved for you only. When orders are not picked up, it takes the opportunity away from another patient to place an order and purchase that medicine.  

We understand that life happens, however, we need patients to call in to cancel those orders. This will help us provide our patients with a convenient and compassionate pick-up experienceIf you call, make sure to get the Budtender’s name so that you can reference who you spoke with. By contacting us we will be able to hold your medicine for a maximum of 24 hours or cancel it, to avoid issuing a strike. 

This means you will receive up to 3 strikes on No Call/ No Show orders before you are permanently banned from our online ordering and delivery programs. Keep in mind you can avoid this by cancelling your order on your own. Your first strike will inform you of our policy. The second strike will remind you of our policy and that your account will be banned for one week. The third and Final strike will result in a permanent ban!  

We want to avoid banning patients at all cost however, we feel that this is a fair decision to ensure that all patients have access to the medicine and compassion that we all need. If you have any questions please refer to the Online Staff.