Obtaining or renewing your medical marijuana card is quick and painless. Telemedicine is also federally accepted and has made this process even easier if you cannot leave your home! Below you will find three main resources to obtain and/or maintain safe access to your medicinal cannabis needs from the finest dispensary in New England! Rhode Island supports reciprocity, so we accept out of state cards. Many people carry dual residences and have a medical card different from their license. That is okay! We accept you, too! You may find a general google search for Qualifying Medical Marijuana Physicians and Cards will give you the widest variety of acceptable options for you personal needs.


To renew or obtain a new medical marijuana card in Rhode Island, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you are a new applicant, print the following form, Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card Application, and bring it to your General Practitioner, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Prescribing Medical Professional or Qualified Patient Card Consultant for approval. (Enter your zip code and select from the list of physicians within your desired radius). If you are renewing, a copy of your renewal forms should be sent to your home at least 4 weeks before your card expires. If you need a new copy of your renewal forms, please contact the RI Department of Health (401) 222-5960. They will kindly send you a copy.
  2.  Mail out Forms with Check or Money Order to the address on the front of the application.
    If you intend to declare a Caregiver and/or Authorized Purchaser, follow the steps within the application.


To renew or obtain a new medical marijuana card in Massachusetts, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you are looking to obtain a medical card in Massachusetts, meet with any Massachusetts Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Patient Card Consultant who holds an active full license, has no prescribing restrictions, has a MA Controlled Substances Registration and has at least one established practice in the state. Once you’re eligible as determined by your physician, he or she will need to certify you with the state’s Medical Use of Marijuana Online system.
  2. Once you receive your PIN, register as a patient! Navigate to the patient registration portal, and begin the application process. Please refer to this Massachusetts Instructional on How to Register if you have questions or need help.

For those who do not want to apply online, call (617) 660-5370 to request a hard copy of the registration form to be filled out and returned to the state along with a check for $50 and copies of all pertinent documents. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.



To renew or obtain a new medical marijuana card from Other States/CA:

** If you do not have a General Practitioner, you may find a Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or other licensed doctor through the following website. Enter your zip code and desired radius.