Greenleaf is happy to offer convenient pick-up and delivery options for our customers. Not sure how the process works? Let’s break down what you can expect during online pick-up or delivery through Greenleaf. 

Greenleaf offers Same-day delivery with the ability to order up to 6 days in advance.

Register for an account

Visit the Greenleaf menu. If you’ve never placed an order before, you’ll need to register for an account. Click on the “log on” button next to the shopping cart icon. On mobile, this will display as a person icon. Click on it to create your account.

Mobile Only Profile

Mobile View

From here, you can choose to register either with your Google account or with an email and phone number. You’ll need to select a password if you set up your account with an email address.


During the sign-up process please be sure to upload all valid documents, without these we will be unable to process your order.

Government Issued ID – We accept State Issued License, State ID, Military ID, or Passport.
We will NOT accept: School ID’s, Birth Certificates/Cards, Family Portraits, or “Selfies”

Medical ID: You must upload both the front and back of your State issued medical card. Please note that even if your card has nothing on the back, our system requires an image to be able to process any orders.

Register for an account with your email or using your Google Account

Items can be added by clicking the price and “Add to Cart” button

Add items to your cart

Now that you’re registered, you can add items to your cart.

Shop the Greenleaf menu online and add the items to your cart. You’ll see a separate popup that will ask you to add the item to your cart.

Once you’ve clicked “add to cart,” you’ll get an alert saying the item’s been added to your cart. 

Check Out

Once you’ve added all of your items to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Choose between Pick-Up (in-store or curbside) and Delivery

Now, you’ll choose between pickup or curbside service to get your medicine. This section located in the top right of your screen can be easy to miss so make sure you keep an eye out for those small pink buttons. You can either pick up your medicine via curbside delivery or get it delivered to you over the next 4 days.


Greenleaf always offers pickup for free. If you select pickup, you’ll have the option to choose from the available pickup slots. We limit these windows due to space and customer volume.

Once you have products selected go to your cart and choose Pickup or Delivery

Add your address using autocomplete for delivery


7 Days a Week!

Order for same day delivery and up to 6 days ahead!

$10 Fee

Discounts like EBT, SSi, and Veterans are available to medical patients

Delivery spots are limited, so make sure you order as early in the day as possible to get your delivery the next day. You can also provide additional directions to your driver, like delivery preferences.

You must be home during the hours of your delivery window. A caregiver or authorized purchaser may not accept your delivery on your behalf.
An estimated 2-hour window of arrival will be messaged to your phone on record on the morning of your delivery.

Wait for your order

After completing your order, we’ll send you a confirmation text message confirming the order, your payment, and the pickup or delivery details. Greenleaf will text you once we’ve accepted your order and started collecting your medicine.


You’ll typically receive a text within one hour of your pickup time that will confirm your order is ready for pickup. To maintain control of our social distancing procedures you must pick-up your order within your selected timeslot. If you arrive before your timeslot we will not be able to process your order until the time you have selected.


Prepare to be home between 10am-6pm on the delivery day you selected. You’ll get a text message on the day of the delivery letting you know it’s on the way. However, keep in mind that this text doesn’t mean you’re our first delivery. On the day of your delivery, we will text you an estimated 2-hour window of arrival. We’ll also send you a text message when we’re 30 minutes away from your location.

Once your order is placed you will receive a text message confirming your order.

Get your medicine


Arrive during your selected time slot for pickup, if you arrive early we will not be able to complete your order until your time period. Our security personnel will direct you to the pickup area of our parking lot. Our Budtenders will scan your MMJ ID and driver’s license. Once you’re confirmed in our system, you can pay with CanPay curbside or cash if you choose to pick up in-store.


We try to make the entire delivery process as touch-free and seamless as possible.

Our drivers will text you when they are 30 minutes away and when they arrive at your home.

You must have your valid Rhode Island MMP card and valid driver’s license available for the delivery to take place. Your driver is required to take a photo of your MMJ card and license as proof before they can deliver your medicine.

After confirming your identity, you can provide your CanPay  Scan Code or pin from your mobile device.  If CanPay is not an option, we will gladly accept RI residents’ checks (patient name must be on the check). That’s it!

Delivery & Pickup Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an out-of-state cardholder. Can I get pickup and delivery?

As an out of state cardholder, you can order for In-store pick and curbside but unfortunately, Greenleaf can only offer delivery to Rhode Island patients with a valid RI MMP card.

How will I know when you’re coming?

Your driver will text you an estimated 2-hour window of arrival on the morning of your delivery, another message 15-30 minutes before your delivery and a text when they’re outside.

Due to the nature and security of our delivery, we can’t provide real-time delivery updates. We try our best to accommodate your needs, so please add any special instructions to your order when placing it online. 

Do you offer discreet delivery?

Yes. Your medicine will arrive at your door, just like any other service. We use unmarked vehicles with zero branding and your medicine is packaged without any markings. 

Can I pay cash?

No. Unfortunately, we can only accept CanPay and paper checks for deliveries at this time. 

Is the entire menu open for delivery?

Yes! If you can order it on our site, we can deliver it to your doorstep. 

Where are my discounts?

10% OFF: If you currently receive 10% off as a Veteran or as an RI MMP cardholder qualifying for SSI, SSDI, or EBT, your final order will reflect these discounts through our Point of Sales system and your final receipt.

Pre-Rolls : Standard 1g Pre-Rolls are set at 1/$12, 2/$24, 3/$33 which will not show on your IheartJane order, but our GL team will make sure you receive the appropriate discounts!

Loyalty Points: Make a note in your Pickup or Delivery Instructions for us to use your points, and our GL team will apply them accordingly. You may use them in increments of $15.

What is your policy regarding abandoned orders?

3 Strike No Call/ No show Policy 

Penalty: Permanent Ban from Online Ordering

As of August 26th, 2020, Greenleaf established a 3 Strike No Call/ No show Policy for online orders that are not picked up. When an order is placed, the medicine and time slot is reserved for you only. When orders are not picked up, it takes the opportunity away from another patient to place an order and purchase that medicine.  

We understand that life happens, however, we need patients to call in to cancel those orders. This will help us provide our patients with a convenient and compassionate pick-up experience. If you call, make sure to get the Budtender’s name so that you can reference who you spoke with. By contacting us we will be able to hold your medicine for a maximum of 24 hours or cancel it, to avoid issuing a strike. 

This means you will receive up to 3 strikes on No Call/ No Show orders before you are permanently banned from our online ordering and delivery programs. Keep in mind you can avoid this by cancelling your order on your own. Your first strike will inform you of our policy. The second strike will remind you of our policy and that your account will be banned for one week. The third and Final strike will result in a permanent ban!  

We want to avoid banning patients at all cost however, we feel that this is a fair decision to ensure that all patients have access to the medicine and compassion that we all need. If you have any questions please refer to the Online Staff.