What Elevates Our Flower Above The Pack Is The Attention We Give To Each Plant.

Cannabis Flower is the trimmed and cured bud of a female cannabis plant. As with many plants we use, such as grapes, Coffee beans, and hops, there are many distinctive varieties of cannabis flowers, which are known as strains. Each cannabis strain has a distinct flavor and combination of active ingredients that provide a subtly different result. Exploring diverse strains is one of the real pleasures of cannabis consumption.

Most cannabis consumers look at the name of the strain, plant type (Indica/Sativa), and the potency (THC/CBD content) when buying flower. Under current Rhode Island state law, Medical Cannabis cardholders can legally buy 2.5 OZ (70 grams) every 15 rolling days. When you visit Greenleaf and have determined what you’d like to buy, say something like, “I’ll take an eighth of Papaya Cake” That’s it!

  • Cannabis Flower is smoked with a pipe, bong, or joint. A vaporizer could also be used with a variety of accessories.
  • You can purchase flower by weight—gram, eighth, or ounce—and strain. (An eighth = 3.5 grams; an ounce = 28.5 grams.)
  • Under current Rhode Island state law, Medical cardholders are allowed to purchase up to 2.5oz every 15 rolling days.

How Flower Affects You

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