Greenleaf is proud to offer small-batch, handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles.

We strive to use the best ingredients available and only use unrefined organic sugars in our edibles with made-from-scratch items.

Edibles are cannabis-infused food or beverages, and can additionally take the form of capsules. They provide a healthy and discreet way to consume medical marijuana, but they can also have a more prolonged and intense effect than cannabis that is inhaled. Cannabis edibles should be used with caution: “start low and go slow,” and avoid over-consumption.

  • Each cannabis edible will be labeled with its THC or CBD content in milligrams, both per package and per serving.
  • Be sure to read labels and choose your dose carefully. New consumers are advised to start with 2-5mg of THC. Wait a couple of hours to assess the full effect before taking more.
  • Edibles will typically take anywhere from 30-120 minutes to take effect, and the effect can generally last 4-12 hours.

How Edibles Affect You

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