Curbside Pickup Now Available!

You must be an existing patient. New patients, please come inside to fill appropriate HIPAA and Indemnification forms before you process an order.

Greenleaf is here for you… with Curbside Pickup. Place your order online and make your payment using CanPay (Sorry we cannot accept cash payments for Curbside Pickup at this time.) Please select any applicable discounts before making your payment. (Veterans and Medical (RI MMP ONLY who receive SSI, SSDI, and EBT).

Please note, failure to make full payment or selection of a promo code that is not applicable will result in a canceled order.  All orders must be paid using CanPay. We are not accepting cash or check currently for curbside pickup. Orders over $400 in total must use check for the amount that exceeds $400 – budtender can help you figure out that total!