Full Circle

Full Circle was formed as a Co-op in 2011 in North Kingstown Rhode Island by a group of medical marijuana activists. As true believers of the medical benefits of the herb, they have been using and cultivating medical marijuana since the late 70’s. With over 40 years of experience, these cultivators have truly come “Full circle,” from growing as a hobby, to making a living out of the plant they love. Full Circle has one of the largest and most unique strain menus in the state. They are constantly pheno hunting and expanding their vast strain library. Full Circle has focused on high quality, small batch method that allows them to constantly change what’s on Greenleaf’s shelf. Full Circle is best known for their Orange Sunshine that produces a calming yet upbeat effect.

Other Strains: Ace of Diamonds, Spanish Monkey, Penny Wise, Cannonball, Kimbo Kush, Wedding Cake, Black Raz, Em dog, and many more

Website: TBD
Instagram: @FullCircleRI

Hank’s Herbs

Hank’s Herbs is a micro cultivator owned and operated by native Rhode Islanders.  Similar to a micro-brewery, Hank’s focuses its attention on detail over production.  As a micro cultivator, it allows Hank’s to cater to medical marijuana aficionados by only offering top shelf quality medicine.  In 2013 Hank started out as a patient and then became a caregiver.  Soon after, Hank’s signature Sour Kush became available at finer Compassion Centers in Rhode Island.  With its fuelly citrus taste and aroma Sour Kush has remained a staple.  Hank’s continues to grow a diverse assortment of cultivars in an effort to produce only the best cannabis.
Other Strains:  Voodoo Kush, Peyote Cookies, Night Nurse, Fuzzy Melon, Qush, Conspiracy Kush, and many more

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Mammoth Inc.-

Mammoth was officially established and given it’s cultivator license in Warwick, RI on the 5th of July, 2017.  The state-of-the-art cultivation facility was founded by Spencer Blier. Spencer has a love for the marijuana plant and has been growing within the RI medical program (and been a patient himself) for the past 8 years. Mammoth uses recirculating, deep-water culture hydroponics to produce the cleanest and highest quality product while also achieving remarkable turnaround times. This process allows the plants at Mammoth to always have water and nutrients readily available which can be delivered directly to the root system via frothing, highly-oxygenated, reverse-osmosis filtered water.  Agricultural data is constantly monitored with sensors to identify plant eating desires/habits, and all flower is always hung dry and hand trimmed to produce consistent quality and results.  Mammoth understands the importance of having new elite genetics and is constantly hunting through varieties to find new flavors and potent cultivars.

Instagram: @Mammoth_Incorporated

Strains: Zkittlez, Mimosa, Scooby Snacks, GG4 (Original Glue), GG5 (New Glue), GG1 (Sister Glue), Gluechee, Purple Glue, Green Fire OG, Watermelon Zum Zum (Zkittlez), Space Bomb, Kimbo Kush, Lemon Head, and many more.


Medici has been cultivating in the state of Rhode Island since 2009. They made the transition from caregiver, to a registered co-op in May of 2015. Italian for medicinal, Medici, offers a plethora of top of the line strains. Using a coco-based water drip feeding style, Medici’s clean, superior medicine, has been a staple in Greenleaf’s menu since cultivator has been on our shelf. Medici continues to pheno-hunt new strains to keep their menu new and exciting. Medici is best known for their cornbread, a heavy hitting relaxing Indica strain exclusively offered at Greenleaf.

Other strains: Animal Cookies, Kushberry, Sapphire OG, Chocolate Oranges, and many more

Website: TBD

RI Tree

RI Tree is based in Warwick, Rhode Island. They don’t run the same strain back to back so you can expect a fresh new strain when their strains release on our shelves.

Popular strains: Lamb’s Breath, Dosidos, Cinderella 99, Mendo Breath

Side Car Nursery 

Side Car Nursery is a locally owned company based in Warwick Rhode Island. Gaining notoriety as a caregiver, delivering flower in their motorcycle side car, these cultivators have been growing since 2011. This two-man operation is bringing the small batch to a whole new level. Limiting themselves to a few pounds of multiple strains. With a unique “organic” soil-based operation, they produce top tier, small batch flower, such as their OMG Cookies (onion mushroom garlic.) This heavy hitting Indica stain with its strong cerebral and body effects, is sold exclusively at Greenleaf.

Other strains: Mothers Milk, Zombie Kush, Quantum Kush, Blue Dream, and many more

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