About Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center

Greenleaf Cultivation

The Greenleaf Team takes enormous pride in the quality of our products and services. As one of the first, and certainly the best, dispensary on the East Coast, we have an absolute commitment to putting only the highest quality products on our shelves.  Whether it’s a brownie made with organic ingredients or a gluten free caramel, we believe the best products can only originate from the best marijuana flower.


What elevates our flower above the pack is the attention given to each plant. At a time when many East Coast marijuana companies are filling up overly large warehouses with unsustainable numbers of plants, Greenleaf has maintained a small-batch craft style of production that produces plants that are free of disease and are able to achieve their fullest potential. This attention to detail allows us to serve our patients products that are free of pesticides and harmful contaminants. Each plant undergoes extensive in-house inspection and testing processes prior to being submitted for independent third-party testing.

Our flower is produced using a drain-to-waste coco coir hydroponic system with Canna ™ nutrients. All new marijuana strains are selected through a rigorous process called phenotyping. We travel far and wide to locate strains that exhibit unique medicinal traits and potencies to ensure our medicine meets the needs of a diverse patient population. We employee a variety of proprietary organic grow methodologies that further promote our marijuana strains health and healing properties BUT what truly sets our flower apart is the care we put into everything we do. We believe our marijuana plants respond to the positive energy and mindset our grow team possess each and every day. This translates into the extraordinary flower we put on our shelves!


Greenleaf is proud to offer small batch, handcrafted cannabis infused edibles. We strive to use the best ingredients available and only use organic unrefined sugars in our edibles with made-from-scratch items. We offer gluten free, vegan and sugar free options. Our edibles are infused with critically extracted cannabis oil. Currently we offer three different cannabinoid ratio doses (THC, CBD, 1:1) to suit different medical needs. Our menu offers a variety of items including lozenges, lollipops, baked goods, chocolates and cooking oil to name a few. As we continue to expand our offerings we are looking forward to adding savory and cutting-edge items to our menu.

Solvent-less Cannabis Extracts

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center specializes in high quality Solvent-less Cannabis Concentrates. Solvent-less extraction is done without the use of any foreign substances. We use water, temperature, pressure and patience. Nothing is added, and waste (non-useful plant matter) is removed.

With solvent free concentrates we give our patients the benefits of whole plant medicine without the waste or unnecessary processing.

Bubble Hash

We separate resin glands from cannabis plant material by using ice, water and agitation, without the use of alcohol or other chemicals. The result is a higher-quality product, with better flavor and aroma (Typically 50%-65% THC). There will be no leftover solvents to create harsh flavors, or that might lead to unwanted complications. Many variables must be considered when making great water hash, everything from the strain type, trichome shape, how it’s harvested and cured, and most importantly the working conditions.

Cannabinoid rich plant material is placed into a 220-micron work bag and carefully washed in an altered washing machine. By gently agitating plant mater in ice-cold water, we shock and snap off brittle frozen trichomes and they travel out of the machine and through a system of filter bags.
We are then able to sift and scoop out the concentrated trichomes by hand and dry them carefully. After most of the water has been wicked away, we grate large chunks of hash into sand sized bits to evenly dry and cure. After this process and curing are complete, we are left with three grades of THC-A rich bubble hash: Bubble Hash grade, Rosin grade bubble hash, and Edible grade bubble hash.

Bubble Grade Can be used as is in edibles, salves, added to flower and smoked…
Rosin Grade Pressed into Rosin by us, using heat, pressure and finesse.
Edible grade Typically added to coconut oil or Run through the CO₂ Machine later.


Rosin is a solvent-less Cannabis concentrate made by mechanically pressing our Bubble Hash in a heated hydraulic press to separate the oils from the less useful components of bubble hash. This is our most concentrated form of solvent-less concentrates (Typically 65%-90% THC).  Rosin can be pressed from flower, however to achieve better return rates and better flavor, pressing hash of kief can work better.  By pressing our beautifully made bubble hash, we are avoiding plant material (fats and waxes) from altering the consistency and flavor profile of our Rosin, and we press at low temperatures to avoid losing valuable terpenes.

Pressing Bubble hash is one of the safest and most efficient ways to achieve professional grade hash oil, and there are no foreign substances introduced to the medicine. Rosin can have different consistencies from sticky to shattery.

Rosin is typically inhaled with a vaporizer, dab rig, or hash pipe (water filtration is recommended), but can also be cooked into edibles or made into tinctures, balms, or creams.


Our CO₂ extraction process is diverse and proprietary to Greenleaf, it requires skillful knowledge of the solvent being used (CO₂) and how to utilize the machine to allow for the different phase changes of Carbon dioxide. We’ve also achieved a validation in our post processing techniques to not only account for repeatable quality but also allow for good quality precursor material to run through our distillation machine. With less waxes & fats in the starting material, the distillate will achieve that high total active cannabis we’re striving for. It’s with this knowledge & understanding that we’re allowed to deliver our patient base superior quality strain specific CO₂ concentrates that also have purified cannabis derived terpenes. It’s with concentrates themselves that deliver the high concentration of cannabis THC to the body to help with medical benefits such as pain relief.