Greenleaf has received final certification from the Department of Health to operate a Compassion Center.  You can now submit your Compassion Center Registration form and make Greenleaf your Compassion Center.  These are the steps you will follow to register Greenleaf as your Caregiver.

If you are not currently a patient in the Medical Marijuana Program:

  • Print out and complete the New Patient Application.  A physician must review your health history and determine your eligibility for the Medical Marijuana Program and sign the Practitioner Form.  (hyperlink to the forms- they are both under the same link)
  • The forms must be mailed to the Department of Health according to the steps provided.
  • The Department of Health has 35 days to either approve or reject your application.

If you are currently a registered patient you can register Greenleaf as your caregiver, follow these steps:

  • Mail the form(s) to the address below:

    RI Department of Health - Medical Marijuana Program
    Office of Health Professional Regulations, Room 104
    3 Capitol Hill
    Providence, RI 02908-5097
  • Once the form has been mailed, there is roughly a two week wait period after which you will receive a letter in the mail which confirms that Greenleaf is your compassion center. Once you receive the letter, bring the letter and your card in to Greenleaf and you will be all set to purchase.

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