Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Greenleaf.

Please take note of updated RI Department of Health Rules & Regulations

DBR Medical Marijuana Regulations Final
MMJ Final Concise Explanatory Statement

What are Greenleaf’s Hours?

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun 11am-5pm
We ARE OPEN on Sundays!

May I come to your dispensary with a Massachusetts or out of state medical marijuana card?

Yes!  By the Department of Health Standards, Rhode Island can now accept out of state medical marijuana patients. Rhode Island currently has full reciprocity with each state within the United States. Please bring your up-to-date state’s license or Identifiction card as well as your medical marijuana card. If you qualify as a Veteran, please bring the appropriate documentation to qualify for a 10% discount.

What form of payment do you accept?

Greenleaf accepts Cash and Check. There is an ATM on the premise for your convenience.

May I bring a guest with me?

Only patients with valid medical marijuana cards are permitted inside the building unless a scheduled appointment is made. If your guest is interested in becoming a patient at Greenleaf, we encourage them to set up an appointment ahead of time with one of our knowledgeable bud tenders. Any questions or concerns you have regarding which medicine to purchase can be discussed with our bud tenders. Patients needing assistance due to mobility or communication issues are allowed to have a caretaker accompany them after signing in with Security.

How many grams may I purchase?

2.5 Ounces (70 grams) every rolling 15 days

How can I figure out how many grams I have left on my account?

It is ultimately up to each respective patient to keep track of his or her legal limit remaining on his or her account. The bottom of each sales receipt displays the patient’s “Remaining Limit” for the day. Patients are permitted 70 grams within a timespan of a 15-day rolling window.

It is against the Department of Business Regulations for Greenleaf to give a patient’s remaining limit, purchase history, or any patient information over the phone. We can, however, assist a patient in figuring out the remaining limits once he/she or the caregiver has presented the appropriate medical marijuana card in person.

Example: If John Smith comes in and purchases 5 grams, those 5 grams will be back on John’s account in 15 days. If John comes back the next day and purchases 7 grams, those 7 grams will be back on his account 15 days from then. This way, when a patient makes numerous visits, those grams will return on a “rolling” basis.

Marijuana Dosage and Equivalency Conversion for Patient Limit
10mg of THC or CBD
item examples: cookie or lollipop
.33 gram off your limit
20mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 20mg brownie, 5mg 4pk of caramels or lozenges,
20mg lollipop
.66 gram off your limit
30mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 5CBD/2.5THC caramels
1 gram off your limit
40mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 40mg brownie, 10mg 4pk of caramels or lozenges,
40mg lollipop
1.33 grams off your limit
60mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 60mg chocolate bar, 15mg 4pk of fruit chews
2 grams off your limit
90mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 60CBD/30THC chocolate bar
3 grams off your limit
120mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 120mg chocolate bar, 120mg coconut oil jar,
120mg jar of peanut butter
4 grams off your limit
240mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 240mg coconut oil jar
8 grams off your limit
300mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 300mg Ghee, 300mg tincture
10 grams off your limit
360mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 360mg jar of honey
12 grams off your limit
600mg of THC or CBD
Item examples: 600mg tincture
20 grams off your limit
1 gram of rosin, bubble hash or vape pen cartridge 3.3 grams off your limit
.5 gram of rosin or bubble hash 1.66 grams off your limit

May I bring my pets into the center?

For safety and health reasons, we can only allowed service pets into the center. Please bring proper documentation.

May I bring my children into the center?

No, unless they are a medical marijuana patient.

What discounts would I be eligible for?

Greenleaf offers a 10% discount for SSI, SSDI, Veteran Status, and EBT patients. Please bring proper documentation.

Do I get any discounts for my birthday?

On your birthday, you will receive a 25mg edible of your choice.

Does Greenleaf have an incentive program?

Greenleaf has a loyalty points reward program. Every dollar you spend with Greenleaf is equal to 1 point. When you accumulate 500 points, you will receive $15 store credit to use on your next purchase. If you wish, you may stack up your loyalty points over time. Our system will keep track of your points for you.

May I place an order over the phone to be picked up?

We CANNOT place any medicine on hold over the phone even if you are willing to prepay for it.

Does Greenleaf deliver?

We are working with the Department of Business Regulations to provide an all inclusive program (for Rhode Island patients) and will keep you updated with the new launch date.

Does Greenleaf sell seeds?

Not currently. Stay tuned on our texting and email program for updates!

Does Greenleaf sell clones?


What is the process for becoming a new patient?

There are three steps to becoming a patient at Greenleaf.

  1. Please print and fill out the form found here. Have your doctor fill out the appropriate form, then send the whole package with payment to the department of health.
  2. Once you have received your medical marijuana program card, you must bring it along with a valid and up-to-date form of identification. A caregiver cannot sign up with Greenleaf on behalf of a patient. Caregivers must sign up along with the patient before coming on a patient’s behalf. If you are new to medical marijuana or need assistance please call Greenleaf at (401) 293-5987 to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable bud tenders. You will be given an introduction to Greenleaf, it’s services and asked to sign a letter of privacy practices as well as an informed consent letter.

We accept appointments for new patients Monday – Thursday during our business hours.

Once I am in the system, do I have to bring my medical marijuana card with me?

You must bring your card with you every visit. Even if our staff gets to know you and recognizes you by name, you must show your card at the door and to the budtender completing your order.

What is Greenleaf’s return/exchange policy?

For the safety and health of all patients, we cannot accept any returns or offer any exchanges. We ask that you check your purchases in your shopping bag before you exit the building.

Where do I find information about marijuana strains that may help my symptoms?

We have found the following websites very helpful for our patients.

Where do I find information about medical marijuana issues in the state of Rhode Island?
May I special order a particular strain or edible?

We do not have a special request order form for strains but we can add you to our waitlist for any product that you want to request. If we receive that strain in, we can notify you immediately. We do have special order forms for edibles if you wish to order a certain amount or dosage.

Where can I order tags for my plants?

Click Here for PATIENTS

Click Here for CAREGIVERS

If you have any questions regarding growing marijuana or plant tags, please send them to DBR.MMPCompliance@dbr.ri.gov

Rules and Regulations Related to the Medical Marijuana Program Administered by the Department of Business Regulation


You can email us at any time if you have questions. You can call us during our hours of operation at (401) 293-5987. We look forward to speaking with you.